mom makers: meet kindred

mom makers: meet kindred
This Mother's Day week, we are highlighting a few incredible Mom Makers that inspire us. Today's highlight features Hope Lobkowicz of Kindred Kid & Baby. She has been making for three years now, while also juggling three kids (ages 2, 6, and 8)! Kindred Kid & Baby is a sustainable, fair trade bedding company that is designed exclusively for kids.


Q. What is your favorite product you are making right now?

A. We're loving our plant-dyed cotton batting quilts, and are working on a concept for a new, bigger blanket for bigger kids

Q. How do you balance MOM-ing and MAKING? 

A. For the most part, my kids are in school and after-school programs during workday hours. I get help with childcare, and set boundaries for myself to prioritize family time and me time. In very rare cases do I let myself work evenings or weekends. Outside of special events, that's a hard no-- that time is reserved for my family. I also have an amazing partner who I lean on to share household and kid duties equally, so we both feel supported in our careers.

Q. How would your kiddos describe what you do?

A. My kids say: "Mom makes sheets for babies!"

Q. Any advice would you give to budding lil’ makers?

A. Experiment and remember to be curious! Perfection isn't a reasonable standard.

Q. What’s your favorite thing someone told you about your work?

A. Once someone said of our hand-printed patterns, "the print looks like a work of art!" 😍

Q. Is it a family affair? Do your kiddos help you with your business?

A. I try to find ways to involve them, because they are so curious and they love to help. Recently they got excited about using a label maker that I bought to help organize my inventory, but it was hard since I had to spell everything for them and then they broke the label maker. Always a balance! 😂
Check out Hope's bedding at 
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