28 August 2013

a not-so lost art: papercrafting

okay. it’s a rainy day and you’re kids are stuck inside. 8 hours of cartoons are not on your agenda. So what to do? Crafting seams the obvious choice, but sometimes building a life-like replica of the eiffel tower out of nothing but toothpicks can seem a bit daunting. Our suggestion? Paper crafting. We recently stumbled upon these cute downloadable templates from Digitprop. They’re Cubicity line (perfect for beginners) 26-letter alphabet & finger dolls (moderately complex) or movable models (for those brave enough to try) only require 4 materials. A printer, paper, scissors and glue. Spell your child’s name, build a small city, or adopt a small zoo. The templates offer a quick and easy way to spend quality time crafting with your kids without needing to make ten trips to the art store. Plus, they’re super cute! Check out the images and links from their blog below as well as our studio’s own office gnome.


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